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The founder,  Yoshinao Nanbu

Yoshinao Nanbu was born in 1942 and comes from a long line of Japanese warriors. Most of his ancestors were Samurai and his great grandfather was a Ninja. His father was a Master of Judo, In 1963 Mr Nanbu won the all Japan University Karate Renmei and that year he was also awarded the the gold medal for the best fighter in Japan by Mr Ohma. He went onto win two more times. 

An Okinawan called Mr Kenwa Mabuni moved to Japan to teach his style which was called Shito-Ryu which was developed from the styles of Sanchin and Ni-Huan-chi. Mr Tani was one of his students. Mr Tani later developed Shukokai. Yoshinao Nanbu was a student of Mr Tani in and in 1964 was sent to Europe to introduce the style of Shukokai.

By 1969/70 Mr Nanbu wanted more than just good fighters he wanted his students to be good knowledgeable all round Budo-ka. He developed a style that would be dynamic and fast, using the minimum of movement while escaping with a moving block and counter. He called the style Sankukai and received the approval of leading Japanese Karate-ka and the Shimane University which then changed to his style.

Sankukai rapidly spread throughout the world being in 33 countries and was soon listed as one of the major recognised karate styles.

Sankukai in England

Alan Carruthers and Sid Wise had trained with Mr Nanbu and many other Japanese instructors in Shukokai and when Mr Nanbu developed Sankukai they and two others in the south of England changed to Sankukai to stay with him, becoming the founder members of Sankukai in England. The style rapidly spread and Association International Karate Sankukai GB (A.I.K.S GB) was founded. Alan Carruthers became the Treasurer and Sid Wise the Vice-Chair.

Mr Nanbu continued his development of the style. Heiwa replaced Pinan Kata and Tenshin (turn aside) blocks and combinations, plus Kaiton spinning punches and kicks and Randori kata were introduced. With the introduction of many throwing techniques and the rapid escape moves the style became very popular.

What is Sankukai?

Sankukai means the joining of the mind, the body and the spirit.

Sankukai is based on natural reactions, many of the moves are in the form of an evasion technique, ie blocking whilst escaping and counter attacking with the most appropriate technique. This avoids direct conflict with what could be a heavier and more powerful opponent. It is therefore ideally suited for both male and female, all age groups. Size does not matter.

Sankukai in the East Midlands

Nottingham Sankukai is part of a wider group, called Karate Sankukai East Midlands (KSEM).  This covers all the Sankukai clubs across the East Midlands.  Alan Carruthers, 8th dan is the chief instructor.

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