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Nottingham Sankukai was opened in March 1995 by Michael Searcy, 2nd dan and Maria Searcy, 1st kyu as additional club under the Karate Sankukai East Midlands (KSEM) group.  It started in Silverdale Community Hall, Nottingham as a means of bringing Sankukai to a wider number of people.  By September 1997, the success of the club meant they had opened two more venues at West Bridgford Community Hall and Rushcliffe Arena.

Michael Searcy

Sadly at the end of 1998, Michael passed away but Maria was determined to continue the dojos.  Dennis Robinson was asked if he would be interested in helping and in November 1998, he became one of the Nottingham Sankukai instructors. The club continued to grow and soon Graham Haigh took on the role of assistant instructor.

In 2001, the venue at West Bridgford Community Hall was due to close but rather than loose the additional night, the training was moved to Rushcliffe Arena which had better facilities.

In February 2010, following the success of several students reaching black belt, Eleanor Bryant, 2nd dan, Olivia Hennessy, 1st dan and Darron Waldram, 1st dan joined Dennis and Maria as instructors.

The original KSEM dojo was named Bushi Ki Karate Do © by Alan Carruthers and Sid Wise and permission to use this name for Nottingham Sankukai was given.

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